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Meet the Villagers

There's a little something for everyone in The Village App. Currently the app is built with the individual in mind but some exciting changes are coming. Explore below to find out more.

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No matter our life stage, we all need and deserve a supportive network that we can call on without the fear of being judged or sharing with more people than needed.



Cultivate community bonding to allow community members to fully engage and support the organization and each other.


Connect deeper to members within your faith-based community to better meet their needs and allow fellow members to meet each others' needs.

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Property Managers

The “sense of community" is the number one driver of value for residents.  Attract and retain tenants by fostering community bonding and creating an environment for long lasting relationships.

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Build community in your workplace by encouraging employees to ask and offer help. Also connect to your favourite causes to lend skills.

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Local Groups

Gather your people to meet your needs. Moms groups, neighbourhoods, sports groups and more can directly notify each other of events, free items or ask for help without creating an endless feed of comments or side-chatter.


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Social workers, occupational therapists and other professionals can assist their clients to create a support network of trusted people.

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Classroom communities can easily ask and offer help whether it's a parent forgetting when library books are due, a teacher needing classroom volunteers or older students needing help with their assignment.


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