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You're Busy.

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Nonprofits thrive on passion, but often lack resources. Save time, energy and valuable staffing resources with The Village App. Connect with local support and expand your impact effortlessly.

Minimal Maintanence 

While other platforms require constant posting and being on top of the latest trend to maintain your audience, The Village App allows you to maintain access to 100% of your community all the time. That's because The Village App is a tool, built on intention and action, not attention and engagement.

People Want to Help

People are eager to help, but often unsure how. The Village App allows for targeted Requests, Offers, and Events within curated Circles like volunteers, staff and donors or to the broader community to access the right help at the right time. Organizations can showcase specific needs on their profile, ensuring help is actually helpful.

Want More Time for
Meaningful Work?

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