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We all need a little help sometimes.

People want to help if they know how. So when life happens, reach for The Village App to create a Request and send it to your local community. Life is better when we come together.

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You have so much to offer.

We all have something to give. Whether is clothes you no longer need, a skill you're willing to share a free hand, create an Offer and make someone's day a little brighter.

Find people in your area.

Whether you're new to the country, new to the neighbourhood or in a new stage of life, find people who live right next door using the Friend Finder and start building hyperlocal relationships.

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How it Works

Sign Up (it's free!)

Invite friends or find new ones using the Friend Finder.

When you need help, have a free offer or want to share important information, send out a Request, Offer or Event.

Start a Neighbourhood Exchange

Want to take the Village experience a step further? Become a community connector and setup a neighbourhood exchange in your area. It's free and low maintenance!

A neighbourhood exchange is a hyperlocal collective of people who share items and services.

Think of it like a digital community bulletin board where you can borrow camping gear for the weekend, get a cup a of sugar mid baking, carpool to soccer or share childcare. 

A neighbourhood the way it should be.


Sign up and we'll give you all the tools to get started.

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