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Let's Build
a Village Together

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We're so happy to be part of your holiday season! We've gathered people from around our community who want to make this time of year memorable for you and your family.

How it Works

  • We've gathered local community members (Villagers) who want to be a part of your village. 

  • Connect via The Village App with your Villagers.

  • Create requests for anything you need and one of your Villagers will accept it and set up a time to meet.

Christmas Studio Portrait

Get Started

  1. Download The Village App here and sign up. Make sure notifications are turned on!

  2. Once in the app, tap "My Village" and in the search bar type "The Village App" then "add friend" 

  3. On December 5, you will get connection requests from 3-5 people. These are your Villagers so be sure to accept them.

  4. Once you're connected with your Villagers, you can start sending requests for whatever you need. Watch the demo below on how the whole app works.

Important Tips

  • Create ONE request per item/task

    • Examples

      • A gift for my 4 year old. He likes Paw Patrol and trucks.

      • Breakfast - eggs, pancake mix, milk and orange juice would be great! 

      • Fuzzy socks for my teen

      • A ride to the store

  • Turn ON notifications​

  • Be kind and courteous. These Villagers want to make your holidays special and a simple thank you goes a long way.

  • Please specify in the request if you require the item to be new or if a gently used item would suffice.

  • We cannot guarantee every request will be filled, but we will do our best!

Decorated Cookies

Wishing you and your family all the best this season and beyond!

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