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Happy Friends Laughing

Less Likes. More Life.

Collective coordination to meet each others' needs.

People. On Purpose.

It's time for less likes and more life. The Village App is about true connection and showing up. There’s no comment section, wall posts or fake internet popularity points.

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Just Ask!

You’re busy and asking for help can sometimes be a lot of work but your people want to help and The Village App makes it easier than ever to ask. No more long explanations, group messages or awkward texts. Life is better when we come together.


With all the negativity circulating online, it can be easy to forget that good people are all around us. Village creates a safe community by helping you learn about the great folks in your area!

No "Noise"

The Village App is focused on intention so there's no noisy, attention-seeking features like a comment section, ads or promotion of bad behaviour.

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